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An evening of wormholes, government cover ups and cold tea.

What happens when Reggie awakes on stage in the middle of a concert?  He has no idea of how he got there nor where he is.  He is singing for his life and his sanity.  Take a trip into the life of a 60's pop Icon as he descends into madness or another dimension.  It promises to be a wild ride.

fab! a musical poptoon

It’s 1964. Beatlemaina has struck Amherst, MA. Nobody's more Beatle crazy than teenaged RORY who wants to become the fifth Beatle. 
Rory wears a Beatle hair cut, Beatle Boots, Beatle suits, uses pimple cream and is discovering guitars and girls. He dreams of joining his heroes -- The Fab Four -- as they rock the world. 
Rory’s life becomes a whirlwind as chance provides him an opportunity to meet The Beatles. Will he get the girl? Will he run out pimple cream? Will his guitar stay in tune? Will the Fab Four become the Fab Five?

Transmitter Man     A Rock Radio Play (Recording)

"If you're in the mood for an unusual theatrical musical theatre adventure, and have a taste for rock and risk, check out Transmitter Man...wailing guitars, hand-banging rock, several catchy and quirky songs."
TalkinBroadway.com, Aug. 2007

"The CD is produced by Todd Tobias who also plays several instruments. Transmitter Man transmits a high dose of rock energy, but may not sustain interest throughout, especially for those wanting more polish or tradition. It has its raw appeal and a dash of whimsy and satire, but may be more notable as rage-worthy than stage-worthy if it were to be a theatrical piece."


Currently under development.

What happens when a man is not sure if he is a Werewolf ?

In this dark rock and roll comedy, discover the answer and more.


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