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Gibby Stone - Teenager from the small town of Hopeless Junction, with a very bad case of acne. Gibby has a gentle heart and just wishes to fit in.


Ada Stone - Gibby’s Mom, extremely religious, devoted to Gibby, trades sexual favors for goods and services.


Mason Stone - Meanest person in Hopeless Junction.  Cares only for himself, an alcoholic, philanderer and thief.


Doc Wyler - Town Doctor who dabbles in experimental drugs.  Loves to have sex with married women.


Sally Jo - Leader of The Jo’s.  Teen, trailer park trash.  Loves to bully other kids.


Mary Jo - Toughest of the three Jo’s and is Sally’s enforcer.


Jo Jo - The youngest and dimmest of the three.  Follows Sally with devotion.


Jonny Lee Gomes - a loner till he meets Gibby.  He is fascinated by the deformity and gentle nature of Gibby.


Reverend Jedidiah Toms - The town preacher who loves the sound of his own voice and truly believes he can communicate with God.  He also loves to make money helping people reach heaven.


Texas Jack Butler - The owner and ringmaster for the traveling Freak show.  He has a kind heart but it never stops him from swindling someone.


Tala, The Lobster Girl - Romanian girl who was born with lobster claws for hands. A constant worrier who befriends Gibby.


Zip The Missing Link -  a monkey boy who is always hungry.  He secretly loves Tala.


Steelhead -  He pounds nails into the floor with his head.


GEEK: the story of GIBBY STONE, a teen born and raised in Hopeless Junction, Texas.  A dirt-poor town populated with fanatical hard-hearted Pentecostal Bible-thumpers. Gibby’s face suffers from a repugnant case of acne. ADA STONE, Gibby’s mother, takes her to DOC WYLER. The doc applies a homegrown concoction to Gibby’s face. On her way home, a female teenage trailer park trash gang THE JOs, relentlessly bully the acne-ridden Gibby. She miraculously escapes their abuse.  She arrives home exhausted and falls into a deep sleep. When Gibby awakes, her face, riddled with pain, takes a ghastly turn for the worse.  Her pimples have grown and morphed into an otherworldly, monstrous appearance.  Gibby’s father, MASON STONE, enraged by the sight, drags Gibby to Dr. Wyler. Mason demands a refund.  Dr. Wyler is so shocked by Gibby’s condition he drops dead of a heart attack.  Mason Stone, an unscrupulous man, rifles through the doc’s pockets, robbing the dead body of money and valuables. Mason soon is arrested and convicted of murder. Mason claims Gibby’s nightmarish face killed the Doc.  Ada Stone covers Gibby’s face with a burlap bag and makes him vow never to remove it and they begin to pray.


Their prayers are answered in the form of a visit by the famous REVEREND TOMS, who vows to remove Satan's curse from Gibby's face.  The congregation gathers at the church for an “exorcism”, but when Gibby lays eyes on JONNY LEE GOMES, her face begins to glow as bright as the “burning bush.” She has fallen in love. All cower in fear, except Jonny who is taken by the miracle.  Rev. Toms sees that he cannot cure Gibby’s face and declares Gibby the spawn of Satan.  Gibby and her mother flee for home.


The angry town mob protests outside Gibby’s house, demanding they be allowed to rid the town of this spawn of Hell. Gibby is visited by Jonny who tells her that his parents are shipping him to Africa as a missionary to keep them apart and that he has a girlfriend.  Gibby is devastated by the news.  That night she sneaks out to spy on Jonny and his boyfriend. Her heart shatters. When she returns home she is met by another surprise. Fearing that the town would kill her beloved daughter, Ada Stone has sold Gibby to the Freak Show promoter TEXAS JACK BUTLER. Butler promises Gibby a better life with his traveling band of freaks.  Gibby at first refuses to leave her mother, but persuaded by Butler she agrees.


Texas Jack Butler and his group of freaks befriend Gibby, even though Gibby’s reluctant to use her freakish talent in the show.  One night, Butler and his freaks encounter a violent audience who threaten to lynch them. Gibby steps in, unmasks and lights the place up with the glow from her face as she begins to sing.  Soon the crowd is enthralled by Gibby.  She becomes the star of the Freak Show.  As the troupe travels the country, and then the world, Gibby’s fame reaches new heights.  Gibby is happy.  At one of her shows she is surprised by a visit from his Mother.  She expresses her love for her and dies in Gibby's arms.


The Freak Show arrives near Gibby’s hometown for a show. Gibby’s father, Mason, recently released from jail on parole confronts her. While in jail, Rev Toms counseled Mason if he wants salvation he must remove Satan's presence on earth: his daughter Gibby.  Gibby talks to her father of forgiveness and love, Mason begins to wildly shoot a pistol until Police fatally gun him down.


Gibby is shot and in a hospital ICU when she learns Texas Jack Butler was killed trying to protect her.  She espies a nurse and it is Jonny.  He greets Gibby.  Jonny tells Gibby he has split from Ramona but is now married to a man named Carl.  Gibby, alone in her hospital room, is at peace.  The sound of her hospital heart monitor beeps...the beeps flatline, yet its' sound morphs into the sound of an unusual blue songbird outside her window.  Gibby closes her eyes and begins her next great adventure.


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